Nothing sets a stage show apart more than lighting! Our in-house DMX lighting techs are some of the best in the business. Let us program your light show for you. We offer easonable rates on lighting and tech crew. We also offer special bundle packages when you also rent our sound equipment. SAVE MONEY and rent BOTH!


Compact & portable high performance mobile DMX scanner with an advanced high performance LED source
8 gobos/colors + spot

color rail and color strip light bars

Despite its low power consumption, the COLORstrip wash light puts out an amazing array of bright light. The 4-channel DMX-512 controlled fixture can be mounted on a wall or ceiling to supply your club or venue with several lighting options from blackout and static to dimmer and strobe. It comes with its own automated programs, including a sound active mode, and can work in standalone or via master/slave or DMX. Static colors and RGB color mixing are possible without a DMX controller, and you can even daisy chain the wash light with up to 31 units for a killer runway effect. Try the Chauvet COLORstrip as an instant makeover for any room.

COLORrail™ IRC is a linear wash and effect light fitted with 320 LEDs (128 red, 96 green, 96 blue) and featuring built-in, infrared technology. Create your own looks with eight sections of DMX control, or generate eye-catching chase and runway effects with built-in, automated and sound-activated programs. Thanks to tightly packed and evenly distributed LEDs, color mixing and wall washing occur almost immediately. For wireless (non-DMX) control, use the COLORrail™ IRC with the optional IRC (Infrared Remote Control).


The ADJ Dekker LED covers the whole room in beams of tightly focused moving light. Two incredibly bright 5-watt RGBW LEDs at its core and an array of 40 lenses allow the Dekker LED to cast a variety of bright color effects in an incredibly wide spread. With an almost-limitless color palette, the Dekker LED has effects that include moving colored beams, multicolored strobes, constantly changing patterns, and everything in between. Four operational modes (DMX, Sound Active, Master/Slave, and Manual) let you take as much control of the Dekker LED as you like, but you can also keep it simple and automatic. As with all LED lighting fixtures, the Dekker LED uses very little power (25W maximum) and produces no considerable heat, so you can run it all night without tripping breakers or powering down for necessary duty cycles.

cubix 2.0 and circus 2.0

Cubix™ 2.0 is a redesigned multicolored, LED centerpiece that combines two effects in one fixture. Centrally-mounted LEDs produce multi-colored effects and animations that flow across the room, while the quad-sided derby effect floods the dance floor with rotating, multi-colored beams. The effects are independently controllable to create custom light shows, or can be operated simultaneously for a full out barrage of light. A new streamlined casing and improved optics make for an attractive addition to any rig.

Circus™ 2.0 IRC is an ever-changing effect light with flowing, razor-sharp beams and a ring of punchy white LEDs optimized for strobe effects. Five separate, synchronized pods create bold effects both in the air and onto any surface. Red, green, blue, white and amber LEDs provide a multitude of colors to achieve any look. For easy access to the automated programs, use the optional IRC remote to take command of the fixture.

color palettes and UV Panel HP Blacklights

The Chauvet COLORpalette is a 6- to 27-channel DMX-512 LED bank lighting system with individual RBG control over 8 sections. COLORpalette features automated and sound-active programs through master/slave or DMX as well as four distinct operating modes. The LEDs ensure low power consumption and long life.

This American DJ UV Panel high-powered blacklight is great for stage performances. This light does not have a warm-up and cool-off period so it is great for when you need instant bursts of blacklight.

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DMX Lighting can be difficult to work with...unless you're a IMW Lighting Tech! We can rent and program lights for your special event!
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